11 Easy Ways to Increase Blood Circulation (By the End of the Day)

increase blood circulation

Did you know that if you were to lay out all of the arteries, capillaries and veins in one adult – End to end – They could wrap around the planet approximately 2.5 times?

Fun fact.

Now for the not-so-fun stuff:

Tingling hands and feet, hair loss, constant fatigue, hypertension, headaches, feeling cold, aching muscles, swelling feet and ankles, dry itchy skin, varicose veins, anxiety, chronic inflammation, memory loss, sluggish digestion, heart disease.

They all have to do with poor blood circulation.

What’s Slowing Down Your Blood Circulation?

We have an uncanny ability to spend hours on end sitting down, usually at work, and when we’re done with that we’re so exausted we become one with our couches at home.

When we don’t move, blood circulation decreases. Every cell lacks enough oxygen and nutrients and nothing functions the way it’s supposed to.

That’s why sitting makes us much more tired than an hour of walking.

The second most common cause is our food and diet. The modern American diet of processed foods and insufficient fruit and vegetables allows for plaque build up in our arteries followed by narrowing of our blood vessels.

Overweight is another common reason. The more belly fat you lose, the better your arteries are able to expand when needed, allowing more blood to flow more freely, the researchers at John Hopkins University found.

Finally, poor blood circulation can be a warning sign of serious diseases like weak heart muscles, hardening of arteries and Peripheral Artery Disease.

11 Easy Ways to Increase Blood Circulation

Obviously, the best way to improve blood circulation is to completely change your lifestyle. Switching to a real food diet, exercising regularly and avoiding household toxins are the best ways to go, but this can be really hard for most people.

So, to make it more practical, discover 11 super easy ways to give a good boost to your blood circulation, and fast. Fair enough?

1. Foods & Herbs


Generally, fiber and antioxidant foods are well-known for their ability to boost blood circulation, but some specific circulation boosting superfoods, herbs and spices are:

1. Sunflower seeds – These contain a lot of Vitamin E, a particularly effective circulation boosting nutrient. Other Vitamin E rich foods are nuts, dark leafy greens, and tomatoes. Toss all of them in your salad, add some pure olive oil and your circulation- boosting (yummy) salad is ready.

2. Cod Liver OilCod liver oil is a nutrient powerhouse, especially Vitamins A, D, E and omega-3 fatty acids. The fermented kind is even better, and my post about why I take Cod Liver Oil every day explains why.

3. Lemon, Orange, Vitamin-C-rich foods – Lemons and oranges contain citrate, which naturally improves circulation. The Vitamin C that they offer is also important, because lack of it is associated with narrowing of the arteries.

Other foods rich in Vitamin C are dark leafy greens (especially Kale), bell peppers, fresh herbs, broccoli, cauliflower, kiwi fruits etc.

4. Cayenne Pepper – Chili peppers are well-known for their ability to increase blood flow, strengthen arteries and stimulate the heart.

You can add 1/2 teaspoon ground Cayenne Pepper to your green juice, you can add it to soups and you can use it topically for swollen ankles and feet by making a paste with water and olive oil.

Basically, any food that is naturally spicy will increase your blood circulation. Mustard, ginger and the all mighty Turmeric are a few examples.

5. Ginko BilobaGinko is often used as a natural remedy for memory problems for its ability to help with blood circulations problems in the brain. Varicose veins can also be relieved with Ginko.

The most common way to use it is via a supplement, like this one.

6. Garlic – Garlic can was found to “cleanse” the blood and prevent plaque build up in the arteries. To get the benefits you’ll have to eat it raw (No more than 1 clove of garlic a day).

7. Berries – All berries are high in fiber, antioxidants and just about every nutrient on earth. And they taste so great so it’s easy to snack on some every day, right?

Easy Circulation-Boosting Juice

If you find it hard to incorporate all these foods, herbs and spices in your diet, the easiest thing to do is to juice it up.

Toss a few dark leafy greens in your blender, add some ginger, orange juice (or the whole fruit), Goji berries, 1/2 teaspoon ground Cayenne pepper, 25 sunflower seeds and there you go – A sweet, bitter, spicy circulation-booster made by you.

2. Rebounding

The Urban Rebounder

Rebounding was declared as the best exercise of all time by no other than NASA. Jumping on a rebounder (or trampoline), even for just a few minutes (a few times a day) is a super easy way to instantly boost your blood circulation from head to toe, while enjoying a good lymphatic system cleanse.

My post about the amazing benefits of rebounding will prove it to you.

3. Far Infrared Heating

Far Infrared Heating Pad

Generally, heat is a fast way to temporarily increase blood circulation. Heat expands the arteries and capillaries and allows for the blood to flow more easily and effectively.

But, if you don’t like taking hot baths every day, an infrared heating pad is not only more convenient, but more effective than just “regular” heat.

Infrared rays penetrate the skin a few inches deep, heating the body from the inside out, while ambient temperature stays relatively cool.

Infrared therapy dilates your arteries, gets your heart beating faster, and burns calories without moving a muscle.

You won’t believe the other amazing benefits of infrared therapy until you see them in my post HERE.

4. Acupressure Mat


An acupressure mat, the modern-day bed of nails, is truly a fast and easy way to improve blood circulation in a matter of minutes.

When you lie on an acupressure mat, dozens of little spikes (it doesn’t hurt) stimulate pressure points in your back, which makes your body “hurry” and send extra blood to the area.

This of course boosts circulation, and relieves pain and stress – Sometimes immediately.

This is the acupressure mat that I have at home, if  you want to see what I’m talking about.

5. Dry Brushing

skin brush

Daily dry brushing has many benefits, one of them is boosting circulation in your hands and feet. It can really warm you up in a cold winter morning.

Brush in upward, circular motions toward your heart. Move the brush in a clockwise manner and go over each area of skin twice.

6. Self Massage


Regular massages can really help you improve your blood circulation. But, since most of us can’t afford frequent massages, using a self massage tool is a great alternative.

As for which self massage tool, it’s up to you. My favorite is this one.

7. Water


The more you stay hydrated, the better your blood will flow. Add some water to the mud river, and it will flow better, right?

I know, I’m not great with metaphors.

8. Breathing Exercises


If not the quantity, then the quality, right? If you have poor blood circulation and your cells don’t get enough oxygen, why not add more oxygen to every breath you take?

Deep breathing a few times a day is an easy (and very relaxing) way to increase the oxygen in your blood and thus your entire body.

My two favorite breathing exercises are here (especially useful if you are anxious and stressed).

9. Sleep


The easiest way to improve your blood circulation is:  Go to sleep!

Sleep for 8 hours every night, preferably from 10 PM to 6 PM.

Anything and everything depends on the quality of our sleep. A goof shut eye helps the body relax, recharge and get rid of toxins – All of these will lead to improved circulation.

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, I suggest you look into light therapy, a little known yet proven way to cure sleep problems naturally (Check out my post about it )

10. Stretching


Some would claim stretching is not an easy way like I promised, but I consider it to be because it’s fun.

Any stretch (meaning you don’t have to become a master in Yoga) will boost your circulation immediately. Get up at work or at home and do some stretches. Imagine you’re a cat and you’ve just woken up (again) from a long sleep.

Breathe and enjoy that amazing and relaxing feeling of just stretching for fun. Not to lose weight, not to workout, not for anything. Just for fun.

11. Inversion Therapy

inversion small

Hanging upside down or even just inverting at the slightest angle helps your body to “work” with gravity to ease the circulation process.

Gravity helps your blood return faster and more effectively from your legs back to your heart and all the way to your brain.

The immediate results are: Improved brain function, collagen boosting in your skin and joints, muscle relaxing, stress relief and pain relief (which is almost immediate).

I am a great fan of inverting, and if you are not, you probably don’t know these fascinating little known facts about inversion therapy ( why actress Eva Mendez and author Dan Brown use it every single day…).

That’s it folks. These are my 12 super easy ways to increase blood circulation. I hope you try at least a few of them.

Remember to keep your results by living healthy (and as naturally as possible), moving your butt and laughing each and every day, and your blood flow will thank you by the end of today, I promise.

What about you? What’s the simplest way to increase your blood circulation through your experience?

To your health & happiness,







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