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holiday gift ideas

It’s not easy being the only health freak in my family. And it’s becoming near impossible to know all the dangers of modern living (and the safe alternatives) without nagging your loved ones to join me on the road to natural living.

They all hate it.

I nag my kids to eat their broccoli. I nag my husband to workout and stop eating junk food. I nag my mother to treat her chronic aches and pains without medication.

Last year, after a Christmas tree light bulb fell on my head, I suddenly realized: The holiday season is my chance to “push” my family and friends to better health – Without nagging!

I Use the Holiday Gifts to Make Them Healthier

Instead of electronic toys and gadgets for your husband and children, industrial cosmetics for your mother in law and a deep-frying pan for your mother, how about giving them a gift that is not only fun, but will make them healthier?

Here are 10 of my most loved healthy holiday gift ideas, and no – None of them is a broccoli bouquet.

10 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

1. Gift to Make Them Sleep Better and Wake Up With a Smile

Wake Up Light

Wake Up Light

There isn’t one person who has a light therapy alarm clock and isn’t in love with it. How about helping the receivers fall asleep easier, re-set their sleep cycle and wake up with a smile on their face (instead of having a heart attack from their regular buzzer)?

The light therapy alarm clock (dawn simulator) wakes them up with gradual light, just as if they were waking up outside in nature.

And every day, they’ll have you to thank for this pleasant waking up experience, that’ll change their entire day.

The most popular dawn simulator is probably the Philips Wakeup Light, but you can see the top 3 dawn simulators – HERE.

2. Gifts to Make Them Eat Healthier (Without Noticing…)

1. The Magnetic Organic Spices Kit for the Fridge

spice kit

This one is one of my all time favorite holiday gift ideas.

You can motivate any junk-eaters to cook more at home and use healthy organic spices in their cooking, with these beautifully designed reusable magnetic jars, filled with 24 herbs, spices and hand-blended seasonings.

The unique feature is the fact that the colorful spices are seen every time you go to your fridge, making then irresistible. Plus, it saves so much space in the kitchen.

2. A Juicer

Blendec Juicer

Blendec Juicer

A shiny juicer standing in the kitchen and seen every day is a great motivator to anyone who gets it. It can definitely make them stop drinking cancer causing sodas and commercial juices, filled with dangerous chemicals.

I have the Blendec juicer and I’m very happy with it. Amazon usually has big discounts on it. Right now there’s a 33% discount on it.

3. Gifts to Make Them Move and Exercise More (While Having Fun!)

1. An Activity Tracker

Fitbit Activity Tracker

Fitbit Activity Tracker

What a great way to encourage your loved one to be more physically active and finally get some exercise.

The Fitbit, my favorite, is a portable activity tracker – Tracking steps, distance, calories burned and how many times you fantasized on pizza (Just kidding, maybe in the next model).

Just wearing an activity tracker is enough motivation to get the receiver moving and exercising more.

I really love my Fitbit, but you can find more activity trackers – HERE.

2. A Rebounder

The Urban Rebounder

The Urban Rebounder

Aside from being the best exercise ever devised by man (according to NASA), rebounding is a great way to make working out fun for the whole family.

Kids would love to bounce on a rebounder instead of staring at their Ipad, and for adults this makes a great way to workout while getting a good lymphatic cleanse.

4. Gifts to Make Them Reduce Exposure to Dangerous Chemicals

1. Organic Cotton Sheets/Slippers/Blankets

Organic Sheets

Organic Sheets

Everyone likes to get new soft and luxurious bed sheets, right? But the common non-organic bedding sets are contaminated with dozens of cancer-causing chemicals, like formaldehyde and chemical dyes.

And we all spend at least 7 hours on these nasty things!

You can find great deals on organic bedding for adults and children on Amazon. This is one of my favorites.

By the way, organic slippers and organic blankets make awesome gifts as well!

2. 100% Natural and Organic Skin Care Products

Dr. Hauschka Skincare

Dr. Hauschka Skincare

The industrial skin care products and even many of the so-called “natural” products are full of chemicals and questionable ingredients, many of them proven as cancer-causers but still allowed by the FDA.

I personally only use Dr. Hauschka’s products, which are 100% natural and contain no chemicals. Plus, they are amazing and the smell (coming from plant extracts and natural oils) is to die for.

Right now, for example, Amazon has a huge 50% discount on the fabulous Rose Face Cream and many more of their stuff.

5. Gift to Introduce Them to the Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential Oils Set

Essential Oils Set

An organic essential oils set is one of my most thanked-for gifts ever. For about 50$ you can get 14 pure and organic essential oils, packaged attractively and waiting to be used in dozens of different ways.

The receiver of this really useful gift can make amazing blends from the essential oils and naturally treat everything – A cold, a headache, stress, cuts, burns, bug bites and so much more – Without medications.

The possibilities are endless, and the smell is to die for. Who wouldn’t love to have one of these?

6. Gift to Make Them Relieve Their Aches & Pains Without Meds

1. Back Stretchers

Trueback Stretcher

Trueback Stretcher

In my humble opinion, a good back stretcher is a must in every home, and everyone will love to have one ready to relieve the nagging back pain after a hard day standing on their feet or sitting at the office desk.

According to the statistics, practically everyone has some kind of back pain and this one is one of most practical yet drug-free helpers that everyone needs.

One of the most popular back stretchers (And my favorite) is the True Back. You can see a detailed review for it – HERE.

2. Far Infrared Heating Pad

Far Infrared Heating Pad

Far Infrared Heating Pad

A far infrared heating pad is probably the most effective natural way to relieve any kind of pain and can works just as well as pain killers – Without the dangers – And while speeding up recovery of any injury and inflammation.

Infrared rays have the ability to penetrate deep in our tissues and quickly relieve muscle, joint, nerve and even bone pain – without any drugs.

I can’t imagine my life without one, but if you don’t believe me – Hundreds of Amazon buyers have amazing healing stories that you should really check out right now.

My personal experience with infrared heating pads (and how they changed my life) is HERE.

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas for Children

You can easily take advantage of the holiday season to start your kids, nieces and nephews on a path towards a healthier life while their still young, with these healthy holiday gifts:

They may even remember to thank you when they’re older!

1. Outside Sports Gear

Kids aged 9 and above simply love team games. They’ll always be glad to get basketballs, soccer balls, bicycles, skateboards and even just jump ropes.

For kids 3 to 5, active toys like swings, slides, and tricycles are well received, as are nontoxic art supplies and books.

2. Indoor Sports

With this little set, you can transform your dining room table into a ping-pong arena, and it’s perfect for winter days when kids are stuck inside.

That’s it my friends… healthy, safe holiday gifts. This year, it’s in the bag!

To your health and happiness,



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