Degenerative Disc Disease in Neck – How to Prevent Surgery or Life-Time Medication

Degenerative disc disease in neck is no more a disease than aging. It’s a process that happens to everyone with aging. The spinal discs go through natural changes as we age. Degeneration of the disc usually happens in the lumbar area or in the neck, but it can occur anywhere along the spine.


When this process happens, the disc can cause pressure on the spine and the nerves and may affect nerve function and cause pain. Though this happens to all of us, most people won’t experience pain.

What Causes Degenerative Disc Disease in Neck?

The discs are natural shock absorbers. As they break down with age, there’s a loss of fluids makes the discs thinner and decreases the gap between the vertebrae. Muscle imbalances (one set of muscles over powering another) cause postural dysfunctions that increases wear and tear of the discs.

Eventually, the weak spot gives way and makes contact with the nerve, bringing pain. Except for cases of trauma, this process takes a long time before the pain begins.

Common Treatments and Why They Usually Fail

Common treatments include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), cortisone injections, ultrasound, hot packs, electrical stimulation, therapeutic exercises and surgery.

Common Treatment No.1 – Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs

This is usually the first treatment your doctor will recommend, in order to relieve the awful pain and even immobility that are the symptoms of degenerative disc disease. This step is necessary because you can’t just live with this pain.

The problem

These drugs may cause unwanted side effects (acute liver failure, perforated ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding, higher risk of heart attacks and more…); potential long-term kidney and liver damage and lastly they only treat the symptom so they don’t provide a long-term solution to the problem. Who wants to take medication for the rest of their lives?

If you don’t want to take my word on the possible dangers of NSAIDs, you can Click Here and read the research about the Top 5 Dangerous Pain Medications.


Natural Pain Relievers have the same effect – without the side effects. Proteolytic enzymes treat systemic inflammation (inflammation causes the pain) and combining them with anti inflammatory herbs can relieve your pain without becoming addictive or damaging to your kidneys and liver. Make sure you consult with your doctor before taking them because they can’t be taken along with some types of prescription and OTC drugs.

Common Treatment #2 – Cortisone Injections

Cortisone injections are a more aggressive way to treat the inflammation (than NSAIDs). For some people they just don’t work. For others they do work but again, who wants to have cortisone injections for the rest of their lives?

The problem

Again, these shots only treat the Outcome of the disc problem and not the real cause of it – So you can expect the problem to continue in your future and possibly get worse.


The same alternative for NSAIDs – natural pain relievers. Same outcome – no side effects, no addiction and dependency.

Common Treatment #3 – Surgery

Surgery is also an option, with the two main goals being to take pressure off the nerve and stabilize the joints.

The problem

The major danger with any back surgery is the resulting scar tissue.  It can cause more of a problem than you had before the operation.

All operations are a “crap shoot”. Some work, and some don’t. Some can leave you worse than you were before. First thing you can do is ask your doctors as to the odds of success for this particular operation. Next, try everything you can before deciding on surgery.


Degenerative Disc Disease in neck is a loss of height of the disc and combining multiple treatment approaches together in order to decompress and generate balance and stability in the spine is very important for long-term results.
These are the treatments you can consider combining to finally get back to your pain-free life:

1. Inversion Therapy can be very effective but it works even better when you also perform Muscle Balance Therapy. In my endless research of real reviews on the net, I have found that the most popular and recommended inversion table is the Teeter Hang Ups. But, if you are not sure about this, you can get a completely Free Trial of an excellent inversion tableHERE.

2. Muscle balance therapy – This complete back pain relief system will show you how to identify the true cause of your pain. You will discover where you have muscle imbalances and what specific exercises to do – to fix the cause once and for all. Find out more – Here.

3. Ice and heat – Apply ice with the beginning of flare up (first 48 hours) and then heat to help control inflammation, stiffness and pain. This can be combined with natural enzyme therapy for maximum effect.

4. Infrared Light Therapy  – Far infrared rays penetrate deep into your skin and all the way to the muscles, nerves and bones. It sppeds up blood circulation and thus reduce pain (very fast and for 6 hours) while helping the area heal faster. You can learn more about the amazing infrared light therapy – HERE.

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