Anxiety and Depression – Little Known Causes and Solutions for Depression and Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety and depression, sadly, are very good friends. Many anxiety sufferers tend to develop depression and there seems to be a strong link between the two conditions.

As a full time blogger about natural alternative therapies, I read dozens of ideas, causes, treatments, success stories and sad stories about anxiety and depression treatment.

Lately I realized that I can do some good with all the information I find daily, and make a list of little known causes and solutions, found by real people all around the world – And share it with my readers.

I hope you will find some new information that could become the light at the end of the anxiety and depression tunnel.


Anxiety and Depression Solutions – By Real People

1. Check your thyroid – Hypothyroidism, for example, often has numerous associated mental symptoms. People suffering from hypothyroidism often report feeling like they cannot cope, life is simply too much, and start withdrawing from society.

They often feel an amazing depression relief after treating this underlying cause. If you want to check your self for under active thyroid, check your body temperature with a thermometer, the second you wake up in the morning. It’s important to stay still while doing this. Test yourself for 5 days in a row.  If the reading is consistently 97.6 degrees Fahrenheit or lower you may have an under active thyroid and you should consult with your physician.

2. Check for intestinal parasites – People suffering from intestinal parasites often report feeling like the world is coming to an end. Who knows? Maybe your constant depression is caused by these little creatures that can be quite easily destroyed!

3. Check your Vitamin D levels– Vitamin D has a strong effect on brain function. You can buy a natural source of vitamin D – like Natural Fish Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil. There are many positive testimonials about the amazing effects fermented cod liver oil on depression. The cheapest source is Vitamin D until today – Is of course some sunshine!

4. Adrenal Fatigue and Gluten Allergies – I found a significant bunch of people who discovered that the reason for their depression and anxiety is adrenal fatigue or gluten allergies. Both can be checked by your doctor.

5. Valerian Root – Some people swear by this natural herb. The most recommended brand was GNC Herbal Plus® Standardized Valerian Root.  It is 500mg per capsule, 0.8% valerenic acids per 4mg. You can take one capsule when you feel an anxiety or panic attack coming; the results for some people are fantastic.

6. Check your potassium levels – Low Potassium levels are a common cause of depression, usually accompanied by uncontrolled crying episodes, without a cause. A well known naturopathic remedy for this is apple cider vinegar, honey and water. Try this and see if the sudden crying episodes subside.

7. Deep pressure therapy – I found this interesting. Some people testify that this therapy works wonderfully for anxiety. Have someone (hopefully your spouse?) lay on top of you for a little while, or rap yourself in a tight blanket, go to a small place and push against the walls.

8. Food Triggers – Try to find out if some types of food trigger anxiety and panic attacks. Many people report that caffeine is a major panic trigger for them. For others it’s glutamine. Write a diary and list all the food that you eat everyday and look for a potential link between your diet and anxiety or panic attacks. The solution for your depression can be much simpler than you ever realized!

9. Check your magnesium levelsMagnesium deficiency is also a common cause for depression. Maybe you eat enough of it, but because of digestion problems or any kind of auto immune disorders – You are not absorbing enough of it.

An excellent solution is to bathe in Epsom Salts every few days (half a cup of the concentrated stuff). You will absorb the magnesium through your skin. You can also use a 5 gallon pail to soak your legs and then your arms.

10. B supplements – More than a few testimonials were found about adding plain B6 is to treat depression, if you have a B6 deficiency. People with absorption problems reported that Nature’s Bounty brand tends to be the best absorbed by them.

11. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Though it is a very well known treatment for anxiety, I added it to this list because of the amazing amount of people reporting a huge and lasting anxiety relief with CBT. If you want to know how exactly it works and why it’s probably the best treatment for anxiety – Read my post about it here: CBT for anxiety

Important Warning about Supplements

It is highly recommended to talk to your doctor to make sure the supplement won’t hurt you and contradict with any other medication you are taking. For example, Zoloft taken with St. Johns Wort is potentially fatal and Clonazepam with Valerian Root will cause moderate drug interaction.


To your health and happiness,



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