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lose weight when you can't exercise

How to Lose Weight When You Can’t Exercise (Yes, You Can!)

It’s common knowledge and even a 4 year old will tell you what we’ve all been brain washed to believe (by “The Biggest Loser”): 1. Losing weight is about burning more calories than consuming. 2. You can’t lose weight when yoiu can’t exercise. But what if your current health situation does not allow you to […]

shaking from anxiety

Shaking From Anxiety? Good! Keep it Up! (Here’s Why)

Do you ever start shaking from anxiety? Do your teeth chatter, your knees knock and your hands shake when you are extremely stressed? Do you ever find yourself uncontrollably shaking and trembling? Embarrassed because people see you and afraid that something is really wrong with you? You’re not alone. Anxiety tremors, shaking and trembling are […]

natural antibiotics for uti (2)

The 3 Most Potent Natural Antibiotics for UTI

There’s nothing like another urinary tract infection to make me wish I was a man. Men just don’t seem to get UTIs do they? Unknowingly, Most of them skip one of the most uncomfortable (and painful) ailments to experience. . It usually starts with a sudden and frequent need to visit the potty. When you […]